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Natto roots, Caju bark & Momordica balsamina, Artemmisia Afra Tincture

African Nutritional Factor

Traditional African Formula for Healing many Chronic Diseases at Once.


In Yoruba Herbal Medicine And Get A Certification!


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African Medicine: A Complete Guide To Yoruba Healing Science and African Herbal Remedies, 236 pages, (Paperback)


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African Nutritional Factor

African Formula that Heals Cancer, Heart Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia, Arthritis,  Hypertension, and More

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African Nutritional Factor - FREE SAMPLE

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African Holistic Health Diagnosis by Dr. Tariq Sawandi


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Osain Mini Course in Yoruba Herbal Medicine

Mini Course in Osain Herbal Medicine - FREE ONLINE

The Certified mini-Course in Osain Herbal Medicine is a series of twelve lessons offered by the African Traditional Herbal Research Clinic to give people the knowledge they need to learn how to take care of yourself and your family with herbs, and foods using Yoruba Healing Science. In this series of twelve lessons, you'll learn everything you need to know to take care of common ailments and chronic diseases at home. 

Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics

Earn A Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Arts and Sciences. Only $650 for full course.

African Herbs

All of Our Herbal Products are Produced by  African Herbal Farmers for the Highest Quality.

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Our aim at Nile Valley Medicine is to educate people who are interested in living a healthy and holistic life, and who are searching for alternative African healing therapies at a reasonable cost.

We specialize in natural and holistic products that reflect African culture and ancient herbal Traditions.