Doctorate in Metaphysical Arts and Sciences, Installment Payment

Doctorate in Metaphysical Arts and Sciences, Installment Payment

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A Metaphysical University that teaches how to develop psychic and spiritual abilities with an emphasis on healing traditions.

The word Metaphysics originated in ancient Greece with meta, meaning over and Beyond, and physics. This is a self-paced course that you may take in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Many of the things that we teach do require some practice, but not so much so that it interferes with one's daily life. We show our students how to get anything they want in life, be it health, wealth, love, even eternal life. Today, many mainstream universities are teaching watered-down versions of metaphysics under the label of "speculative philosophy." These classes usually consist of metaphysical philosophy with lessons in its history, but do not contain Real Techniques showing how to practically use it. Our lessons are set up in such a way to impart our students with knowledge previously unavailable to the public at Large. This program will also allow our graduates to establish a highly professional image of themselves while counseling, teaching, or healing in metaphysics. Earn A Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics. Tuition is Only $650.00. Payment plans available.

Doctoral Degree Installment Payment Plan:

The Doctoral level contains no coursework, and instead gives you the opportunity to choose an area of research and exploration in metaphysics that you are interested in to further your own growth, and increase your spiritual knowledge and awareness. Upon completion of this level you will receive the high honor of a doctoral or Ph.D. degree.

Doctoral Program Tuition Options without a Scholarship:

1. Prepay Full Amount = $650.

2. Payment Plan = $375 down plus $375 per month for 60 days.  Total tuition $750.